Quays News

Starting in September 2015, I became an entertainment reporter for Quays News, specialising in stand up comedy.

I covered a range of acts, some of which were big names but also relatively unknown acts, many of which I reviewed as part of my coverage of the Manchester Fringe Festival. The festival was particularly enjoyable as I was able to talk and get to know the acts I was reviewing and their gratitude towards the press coverage I was giving them really shone through.

During news days which took place in October, I became editor of the website for several weeks. It was a great experience being able to control the content on the website and contributing to the news agenda.

As editor I was keen to integrate different media into the website and therefore added TV and radio packages to the site and requested this as a priority for reporters.

Breaking news was an exciting challenge to handle and resulted me writing several stories and tracking them as they developed.

One story I am proud of is the live blogging of the Olympic parade in Manchester. By working with reporters on the ground I was able to create a comprehensive report of what was happening accompanied with exclusive pictures and videos as well as reaction from social media.

During a second bout of news days, I had a reporting specialising in politics. It’s an area of interest for me and it acted as a good test of my reporting skills. My articles were also grouped together to form a double page spread in he newspaper on that particular week.