Now That’s What I Call Darts!

Here’s my ultimate list of songs that have become the soundtrack to the darts. Some PDC, some BDO, all iconic.


  1. Mighty Michael van Gerwen
  2. Adrian Jackpot Lewis
  3. The Wizzard Simon Whitlock
  4. Peter Snake Bite Wright
  5. The Flying Scotsman Gary Anderson
  6. The Thorn Robert Thornton
  7. The Warrior Wes Newton
  8. Raymond van Barneveld
  9. The Bull Terry Jenkins
  10. The Dutch Destroyer Vincent van der Voort
  11. The Darth Maple John Part
  12. The Pie Man Andy Smith
  13. Bobby Dazzler George
  14. The Spartan Devon Peterson
  15. Gary The Recliner Thompson
  16. The Highlander John Henderson
  17. Martin Wolfie Adams
  18. The King Mervin King
  19. Peter One Dart Manley
  20. Phil The Power Taylor
  21. The Silverback Tony O’Sea
  22. Wayne Hawaii 501 Mardel
  23. Funky PDC tune
  24. Na na na, na na na, na na na na na na na, na na na, na na na, na na na na na na na!



If you were a professional darts player what would be your walk on song and nickname?

Comment below.


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