About The Nine Darter

This is a blog that was created for an assessment but I carried it on after the module. Darts is a sport I am very passionate about and it’s climbing up the rankings as a sport people want to watch and read content on.



Due to the demand, the blog contains some of my most read pieces of work and has its own twitter account with an audience of around 1600 readers.

I really focussed on building up my skills while writing this blog. I developed my SEO skills and particularly focussed on the reader experience by embedding a wide range of media from YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, as well as creating reader poll, all of which helped me to build up and maintain a readership.

The blog has allowed me to experiment with different types of journalism. It contains a wide range of formats of writing including news writing, opinion lead features, match reports, previews and listicles.

I also pushed the social media side of the blog. Opinion and comments on news would be regularly shared as well as live match reporting and blogging on breaking news.

The blog also lead to me being asked to guest write for 170 Out for several articles.

Unfortunately the blog discontinued because of the time constraints required to specialise in a sport. I wanted to expand into different areas of journalism and didn’t want my quality of content to suffer.



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