Nine Darters

The nine darter, the peak of excellence for any darts player. In the modern game it is now a more common phenomena but that still doesn’t take the drama away from the moment. Taylor has so far hit the most televised 9 darters (10), then Barney (5), Michael van Gerwen (4) and James Wade and Mervyn King on 2 a piece. Then there’s 15 other players with one each. If you want more history of 9 darters visit the wikipedia page. Here’s a list of my favourites.

John Lowe hit the first ever televised 9 dart leg in 1984 to make history and won £102,000.


Paul Lim first and only to be done at the Lakeside in 1990.


Phil Taylor hit the first one on live television in 2002.


Taylor hit two in the 2010 premier league final to the iconic sound of Sid Waddel in the commentary box.


Brendan Dolan hits the first double start nine darter in 2011.


MVG’s first occurred in 2012 and almost burst a blood vessel in his celebration.


Then he almost two in succession later in 2012.


Kyle Anderson 9 darter in 2013 is one of my favourites because it is just so unexpected.


Terry Jenkins’ 9 darter in 2013 features here just because he’s such a nice chap.


James wade and Robert Thornton each hit one in the same match in 2014.


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