Tour Picks No.10: Miles Jupp Songs of Freedom

Kicking off my list of top stand ups currently on tour is the disdainful comedy of Miles Jupp. Always with a gripe to get off his chest, Miles cracks audiences up with his middle class loathing.

He’s appeared on a wealth of panel shows and played many roles in film and TV, most notable being Balamory in which he played Archie the inventor, brandishing the delightful pink sweater and kilt combo.

Turn of phrase and carefully chosen expressions of wit drive the laughter in his sets. An undertone of condescension only adds to the comedy. His stand up has earned him spots on the coveted Live at The Apollo and Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow.

He’s not a gag man, instead he crafts anecdotes to display his annoyances at the world, which are often very relatable. He’ll then exaggerate his privileged background to rise above his audience, maintaining an amusing allure.

If you like your comedy more laid back and less intense, his new show is certainly worth considering. Check out his tour dates. Tickets range from between £17 and £20.

No.9 in the countdown coming tomorrow, thanks for reading.


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