World Disability Darts Hold Their Second Tournament In The Isle Of Man This Week

The World Disability Darts Association will stage their second tournament this Thursday in The Isle of Man. The competition will see 32 players competing over three days for the trophy and a prize of £350.

The rules slightly differ from the traditional game and the board used is mounted on the Wildfire Dart Frame which was invented back in 2010 by Australian Russ Strobel. The board rotates to allow wheelchair users to compete against standing opponents. See my earlier post for more information about disability darts.

In recent years disability darts has slowly been gathering momentum with the rules now being approved by the World Darts Federation. Help from the BDO and Winmau have also been crucial in getting the sport to it’s current status. By providing a platform for disabled players the WDDA aims to “Include those with disability into a supportive social environment.”

The winner of the first tournament, held in Hull, was Ricky Chilton from St Ives who had his left leg amputated because of bone cancer, but would not let his disability hold him back. He triumphed 3-2 in the final over Manchester’s Phil Lees.

Phil ‘The Buzz’ Lees commenting on making the final said: “Yep that was great but I’d like to go that step further, I’m in good form and more consistent than I was.”

Asking him what it means to play on a professional stage Phil said: “It means a lot, thought my darts career was over with the cancer and amputation. Now I feel privileged and fulfilled.”

Hopeful that disability darts can grow in the next few years he said:“With the help of Winmau and the BDO, we can make the WDDA a worldwide thing.”

Follow Phil ‘The Buzz’ Lees on Twitter.

Visit the official WDDA website for upcoming events and how to get involved.


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