Comedians Take To The Dart Board In Aid Of Comic Relief

Lets Play Darts For Comic Relief starts tonight and features the top names in comedy battling it out on the dart board to raise money for great causes.

Each comedian has teamed up with a professional from the BDO in the knockout tournament. They will create their own darts persona complete with a nickname and walk on music. Darts is an incredibly hard game for beginners meaning that many of the comedians taking part are avid darts fans.

Lee Mack, who plays in the first quarter final tonight, had ambitions of becoming a professional darts player in his teens and the one-liner King, Tim Vine, routinely plays a leg of 501 every morning, his challenge to hit the final double before the kettle boils. Vine and Mack have worked together on numerous projects including Not Going Out and the Sketch Show. On the darts board however, they are rivals, contesting an annual charity match.

 “Me and Tim are quite competitive at darts. We play a comedy competition every year… and I’ve won it more than him, but whatever!”

Also competing is 8 out of 10 cats panelist Sean Lock, all round comedy legend Bob Mortimer, Pointless co-host Richard Osman, Impractical Joker Roisin Conaty, TV and radio presenter Liza Tarbuck and former England Rugby player Martin Offiah. Richard Osman shed some light on what it was like to play in the tournament in the Radio Times.

The pros elected to help the celebrities to comic relief victory include the biggest names in the BDO. Bobby George, never one to shy away from the camera, joins three time BDO World Champion Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams, The Viking Andy Fordham, the bad guy of darts Ted Hankey, Darryl ‘The Dazzler’ Fitton and Richie George. The women’s game has not been ignored with three time champion Anastsia Dobromyslova and World number two Deta Hedman also taking part.

The BBC have released a behind the scenes video.

Gabby Logan will host the show which takes place at the home of the BDO World Championship, Frimley Green. The first programme starts tonight at 9pm on BBC 2 and then every night next week at 10pm except from the final which airs at 9pm on Sunday. The BBC have a darts guide which I recommend reading if your not clued up on darts.

The main objective of the show is to raise money for Comic Relief and this is a great way of doing it. The show is a guaranteed laugh but deep inside the celebrities will want to win the comic relief trophy.


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