You Watching The Darts Tonight? NO!

Darts is just fat alcoholics throwing at a board. Well there may be some truth in that but there’s so much more it than that. Tonight is the World Championship final and I implore you to watch it. The legend Phil Taylor is looking for his 17th World title and will play an on form Gary Anderson, ranked fourth in the world. It’s guaranteed to be a cracker.

Watching darts is unlike many other sports. Watching three darts hit coloured targets is quite boring, but if you stick with it and watch a full match, it’s the most exciting sport by far. Give it a go tonight. Allow yourself to become engrossed in the match. If you’ve only ever watch part of a game then your not allowing yourself to appreciate the full drama. It’s like a TV series. You don’t just watch the second episode of Breaking Bad.

I could go on forever about my reasons for loving darts but I’m going to let someone else take over. Non other than Stephen Fry. It’s at 5:45 in this video.

Stephen’s not the only one who loves the darts.

It’s just a fantastic game. The revamp in recent years has turned the humble pub game into a huge spectacle. People argue that it’s not a sport but they’re totally missing the point. The appeal of the game is the drama it creates. Huge scores, missed doubles and the tension in vital legs makes darts far more entertaining than any episode of Downton Abbey. Sky Sports Darts, today at 8pm. Watch it, you won’t regret it.


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