7 Awesome Darts Walk Ons

Everyone loves a good walk on. It creates atmosphere and adds to the image of the player. Some have big dramatic walk ons, others are just weird, here’s my top seven.

7) Terry Jenkins. The perfect song for a darts walk on, nothing more.


6) Simon Whitlock. I’m sure when he thought of the idea of mixing The Wizard of Oz with Land Down under it made perfect sense. I bet he had a little chuckle to himself at the Oz – Aussie pun. But in reality just looks confused, forced and quite frankly humiliating for all those involved.


5) Devon Peterson. The silkiest moves in darts. Mind you that’s not exactly hard.


4) Co Stompe. Kung Fu fighting, a Dutchman and darts. I’m confused but like it.


3) Michael van Gerwen. A cracking song that matches his chant,what more do you want?


2) Phil Taylor. A classic, made even better by John McDonald


1) Vincent van der Voort. The best walk on hands down.


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