Kevin Pietersen ruined my childhood

Ok, that’s maybe a little extreme, but still the years of England dominance are very important to me personally. This period makes up the majority of my cricketing education. The 2009 Ashes series sparked my passion for the game. Aged 13 I was inspired by players that I thought were invincible. However, with Pietersen releasing stories about the inner workings of the ECB and the England dressing room, I have started to doubt my unassailable heroes.

I don’t know whether to believe Pietersen’s accusations. All I know is that I don’t want to believe them. There is no question that all the Pietersen debacles have tarnished the reputations of some of England’s best ever cricketers. There has been so much debate over the allegations that Pietersen has made that, although I don’t believe all of them to be true, I have to conclude that not all was jolly in the England dressing. A dressing room that won three ashes series, a World T20, reached the final of the champions trophy and achieved the number one ranking in test matches.


Pietersen is clearly a man who yearns for the lime light and this has resulted in him doing unbelievable acts brilliance with a bat in hand. Off the field however, his character has caused nothing but trouble, often at the expense of the ECB. And, with this book, he has put his hand back into the cookie jar.



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