England’s Young Guns, and Carberry

This ODI series was an ideal opportunity for England to learn something about their young players, or in Michael Carberry’s case, old players. So let’s have a look at the things we now know.

  • Ben Stokes is good enough to be a third seamer on a pitch that offers some movement, but lacks edge on a flat pitch.
  • Jordan has pace and with more control is an exciting prospect for the future.
  • Michael Carberry’s debut was almost as bad as Simon Kerrigan’s in the test matches.*
  • Stokes is decent with the bat and a more than handy number 8
  • Carberry has a taste for revenge when he decided to run Pieterson out.
  • Butler can bat properly in international cricket
  • Rankin is a similar bowler to Tremlett and might just have the edge over him in my opinion.
  • No one but Butler can play the ramp shot successfully and look silly if they try
  • My brother called Carberry, Michael Carvery
  • Michael Carberry’s bowling run up to bowl is the only thing worse than his running between the wickets
  • People don’t like Carberry. I’m not one of them. Can’t beat meat, veg and a yorkshire pud

*Well remembered all of you, Carberry’s debut was in the game against Ireland, however it’s still relevant.


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