Welcome to my blog

Please come in but take your shoes off first. My name in Adam Lewis or, as the title of this blog suggests, I’m also known as Test Match Adam. I am 17 and plan to study Journalism at university. Cricket fan, cricket nerd, deranged cricket mad animal, are ways I have been described in the past. I follow England over all formats home and away from the comfort of my beanbag. I also follow as much county cricket as possible and support Yorkshire. My favourite form of the game is Tests but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the drama of T20’s and ODI’s.

Not only do I follow cricket, but I also play it, Bradshaw CC is my club. I am captain of my age group – the under 17’s – and play for the 2nd team. I consider myself as a bowling all rounder and as my nickname suggests, my run rate rarely reaches 3 figures even when it’s to one decimal place.

This blog will give me a chance to share my thoughts. I will write mostly about intentional cricket but I’ll try my best to cover county cricket as well. It isn’t just a blog for die hard cricket fans, I’ll do some articles full of jokes just for fun. I appreciate comments or any feedback. Follow me on twitter if you want @adam_lewis_


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